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Stress is one of the most important problems of this century. Cities are growing and developing quickly, while rapid changes are happening in technology and other areas, and stress levels are increasing at the same rate. Many factors trigger stress such as intense busy schedule, financial concerns, increased responsibility, more cramped living spaces, electromagnetic pollution, moving away from nature, degeneration of social relationships, lack of oxygen, worries about the future, sedentary lifestyle and increased traffic.

The amount of daily stress in our lives is increasing, and people are looking for ways to avoid it. Without a doubt, the most effective and enjoyable solution is SPA therapies.

The first step is an osteopathic evaluation to  get to the root of your problems. After this, a detox drink will be served to prepare the  body  for deeper relaxation through specific breathing exercices.

After, your body is ready to receive a deep and specific massages using herbal and aromatherapeutic oils.

Abeltino AlternativeTtherapy has prepared these programs to enable you to battle stress and cope with it in the most natural and effective way possible. When you get to the root of your problems, you will be able to identify the source of your stress and free yourself from it. You will also learn how to manage stress while renewing, cleansing, and relaxing.

DURATION 2h 30 min

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